Our services:

  1. Manufacturing of vessels sections blocks, units assembly, outfitting.
  2. Laying of pipelines of ship systems.
  3. Interior and outfitting jobs.
  4. Vesselís installation of mechanisms and equipment.
  5. Providing of skilled specialist and profile shipbuilding teams to shipbuilding yards.

Our experts:

  • steel fitter/welder teams with technician leader.
  • pipe fitter/welder teams with technician leader.
  • outfitting and interior fitter teams.
  • multipurpose service engineer team able to mountaine: ME&AE, auxelary equipment, CPP syst., bow trusters syst., rudder complex,etc.
  • multipurpose team of turners and specialist with wide experience of metal works in shiprepair and shipbuilding yards(normal and shaft lathers, horizontal-boring machine, milling machine, etc).
  • multipurpose team of cherry pickers, crane operators, builders of stagings and others.